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KLEINER is an innovative stamping technology enterprise with a tradition spanning more than three decades. We have relied on quality and precision from the very beginning. "Cookie-cutter" solutions are a foreign concept for us. But we always accept new challenges. We take our "We think in terms of solutions" slogan literally. We will show you everything that can currently be achieved by stamping technology. Thanks to our own tool construction and our development engineers, we are completely flexible and ready to handle all conceivable tasks. We also rely on strong and dedicated partners in the supplier chain so that we can always always act efficiently and in line with customer specifications. Because as you have already read: WE THINK IN TERMS OF SOLUTIONS.

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November 02, 2020

Aktuell: Unser Corona Krisen Management

Sehr geehrte Geschäftspartner/innen, Unser derzeitiger Status zum Thema Corona (02.11.2020): Wir haben innerhalb der Belegschaft…
November 01, 2020

KLEINER INFO: Betriebsurlaub Weihnachten / Holiday Season

Ein außergewöhnliches Jahr neigt sich dem Ende und immer noch hält die Corona-Pandemie die Welt…
October 20, 2020


Die Gratulationswelle bei KLEINER hält an, denn wir dürfen auch im Oktober wieder gratulieren. Diesen…
October 19, 2020


Damit die Teilnehmer der täglichen Produktionsbesprechung in der aktuellen Situation einfacher Abstand halten können, wurde…
October 05, 2020


Ich freue mich sehr darauf, die bevorstehenden Herausforderungen in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen, unseren Kunden,…
September 29, 2020


Auch im September gab es wieder Grund zu feiern, denn anlässlich der 10-jährigen Betriebsjubiläen von…

KLEINER is a long-standing expert in the mass production of millions of products for the stamping industry. These include such items as:

Stamping grids Our customised stamping grids will support you, for example, in electric actuators.

ELOPIN The flexible press-in contacts offers an optimal electrical connection with high mechanical stability.

Power rails for power semi-conductors. Contact pieces for connecting IGBT motors using modern ultrasonic welding technology.


"The best way to have a good idea is to have a whole bunch of ideas."

Kleiner provides optimisations and new designs from a single source. A practical approach combined with innovation. This collaboration enables Kleiner to ensure the best possible usability.

Snap disks for gas pedals, directly equippable stamping grids for E-mobiles, springs for insulin measuring devices, and leak-tight switches for electric scalpels are just a few of our previous product developments.

High-power stamping tools from KLEINER. Make everything good from the very beginning - that is the motto for Kleiner tool construction. The highest quality is our top priority for both materials and processing. This comes at a high price, but is nevertheless a good value. This is because Kleiner stamping tools will convince you of their worth with their stability and precision down to the smallest detail.

We use tool modules and intelligent adjusting options to ensure the continuous high productivity of Kleiner tools. We produce tools up to a total length of 2500 mm. The feeding of rivets or threads, laser welding in the stamping process, and the simultaneous stamping of multiple bands are just a few of the production technologies mastered by KLEINER.

KLEINER is an innovative stamping technology company with over thirty years of tradition. From the beginning we have focused on quality and precision. Simple work is not our subject. But challenges we always take on. Take our slogan "We think solutions" literally. We will show you what is possible today by punching. Through our own tool and our development engineers, we are completely flexible and go to all tasks. In addition, we rely on strong and committed partners in the supply chain, in order to always be able to act efficiently and customized. For as you have already read: WE THINK SOLUTIONS.


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Here you can find our contact details:

Mail: info[at]kleiner-gmbh.de
Phone: +49 7231 60720
Fax: +49 7231 6072 1039