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09 January 2017
Als mittelständisches Unternehmen möc...
02 January 2017
Wir wünschen allen Mitarbeitern, Kunden, Lieferant...
20 December 2016
König Nussknacker, so heiß ich. Harte Nüsse, die z...

KLEINER is an innovative stamping technology company with over thirty years of tradition. From the beginning we have focused on quality and precision. Simple work is not our subject. But challenges we always take on. Take our slogan "We think solutions" literally. We will show you what is possible today by punching. Through our own tool and our development engineers, we are completely flexible and go to all tasks. In addition, we rely on strong and committed partners in the supply chain, in order to always be able to act efficiently and customized. For as you have already read: WE THINK SOLUTIONS.


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Mail: info[at]kleiner-gmbh.de
Phone: +49 7231 60720
Fax: +49 7231 6072 1039


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