With its qualified employees, KLEINER develops and produces for the automotive, plastics, electrical, medical technology and electronics industries at its two locations in Pforzheim and Eisingen. The product portfolio ranges from micro-punched parts to snap domes and assembled punched grids, which replace the classic printed circuit board in many areas. In the field of renewable energies and electromobility, KLEINER offers solutions for high-current contacting in photovoltaic systems, hybrid or electric vehicles, for example.

With a view to the future and further solid growth, KLEINER is investing in the area of component assembly in order to be able to continue to operate on the market in a targeted manner and oriented towards the wishes of the customers. Other mainstays are the areas of contract work and contract manufacturing in toolmaking, design and construction of entire automation systems as well as product development for third-party companies.

KLEINER faces up to its social responsibility and intensively promotes youth work in many clubs, in the past also in youth research and in the Pforzheim street football initiative "Bolzplatzliga", tournament sport, social institutions such as the Kämpfelbach social centre, but also the Southwest German Chamber Orchestra Pforzheim.



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Thomas Kleiner
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Phone: +49 7231 - 6072 - 0

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KLEINER ist ein innovatives Stanztechnikunternehmen mit einer über dreißigjährigen Tradition. Von Anfang an haben wir auf Qualität und Präzision gesetzt. Nullachtfünfzehn ist nicht unser Thema.


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