KLEINER is a specialist for all kinds of stamped parts. The focus of our activities is more and more on parts for e-mobility and alternative energy sources. We can supply busbars with a thickness of up to 5mm. In addition, of course, our press-fit zones (Pressfit), which are based on the Elopin technology.

Assembly production encompasses all the technical competence areas of our company - development - toolmaking - stamping technology - automation - assembly.

Cleaning, mechanical assembly and fully automated foil bonding of stamped parts are firmly established series processes at our company. As a main contractor, we integrate purchased parts made of plastic and silicone and deliver ready-tested assemblies to them - tested for HV and part discharge.

Busbars will be assembled by us.

Busbars are widely used in power electronics. In addition to current-carrying capacity, installation space is playing an increasingly important role, especially in electric and hybrid vehicles. KLEINER supplies the suitable component with the appropriate surface technology and insulation layer if required. 

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The EloPin® is an elastic press-fit zone that adapts excellently to the conditions on the PCB and thus creates an optimal electrical connection with high mechanical stability at low press-fit and high holding forces. The press-in area of the EloPin® has the proven "eye of a needle" shape. To improve stability, the edge of this press-fit zone is embossed. Also embossed pockets serve to receive the displaced tin. The radii adapted to the through-hole plating ensure optimum protection of the PCB with a large contact area (e.g. low contact resistance and high holding force due to cold welding). The negative effects of the soldering process are eliminated. The innovative pin also meets the strict requirements of the automotive industry and is already approved and in use by several OEMs. In particular, the usability in engine compartment applications in the temperature range from -40°C to 150°C makes the press-fit zone used by KLEINER an attractive product. You can also benefit from the uncomplicated and fast sample service of KLEINER GmbH. KLEINER will manufacture the EloPin® in its own prototype shop before the start of series production and can thus respond to customer-specific requirements in advance.


The most important EloPin® advantages at a glance:

  • Tried and tested "eye of the needle" shape
  • .
  • Cost-effective double-sided assembly of printed circuit boards
  • .
  • Controlled tin distribution
  • High mechanical stability with low press-in and high holding forces
  • .
  • No environmentally harmful substances
  • Low stress on the plated-through holes including the tracks connected to them
  • .
  • No nozzle effect
  • For engine compartment applications in the temperature range from -40°C to 150°C
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  • Low contact resistance
  • Gentle on PCBs
  • Great elasticity (springback)