KLEINER's quality management system is certified according to IATF 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001. The regular audit carried out by experts from Intertek Certification GmbH covers all important main and secondary processes, the quality objectives, the training and further education of employees, the monitoring and control of measuring equipment, the observance of safety regulations as well as the determination of customer satisfaction and the handling of their requests. KLEINER's strategy is repeatedly confirmed by constant customer audits. Our own internal audits or supplier audits are also part of the daily business of our QM department. Only with constant efforts can our high quality and qualification standards be translated into reality. And that is and remains our goal.

The customer is the focus of our work. All our actions are aimed at the well-being and the interest and thus the satisfaction of our customers.

Careful use of resources and avoidance of risks to people and the environment in all processes by identifying, applying and complying with legal requirements / regulations / guidelines that need to be taken into account.

Error prevention has priority over error elimination. Not only the errors themselves, but also the causes of errors must be eliminated.

Every employee is called upon to contribute to the continuous improvement of our quality management system and thus to the success of our company within the scope of his or her tasks and possibilities.

You can find all certificates in the current version here as a download

Advance quality planning

Advance quality planning for prototypes, pre-series and series, including the creation of FMEAs and test planning in the CAQ system, is carried out on the basis of customer requirements. Sampling is carried out according to PPAP, PPF or customer procedures, if desired also via electronic data exchange. Wherever possible, all production steps in the line are monitored, predominantly with camera systems.

Other measurement methods

Contour and roughness measurements
100% camera inspection systems from various manufacturers
High-speed camera for the analysis of movement, assembly or placement processes
100% visual inspections with stereo microscopes
Leakage tests
External partners for SEM, CT, material analysis

Top Equipment

Our quality assurance department is equipped with the latest measuring technology.
The following inspection and testing equipment is available to us:
Tesa 3D coordinate measuring machine
Keyence 3D measuring projector (optical system)
Product-specific gauges and test fixtures
Conventional measuring equipment

For initial sampling and other quality-relevant documentation, our staff will be happy to adapt to your needs.